Want to Step Up Your Running? Join a Running Group!

So you want to step up your running?  Want to get motivated?  Want to get faster?  Want to make some new, like-minded friends?  Then join a running group!  It can do the trick!  Why Not?  Spring is around the corner and local running groups are probably just now gearing up.  Who knows, you could even find yourself running a half or full marathon by this fall!

Join a Running Group

Join a Running Group

My first experience with a running group was back in 2001.  I moved to Reston, Virginia, from Denver to be with my now wife, Debbie. David, whom I ran all 50 states with, said, “That’s it, you will never be back.”  We were only 22 states into our goal of 50 states, and I’m thinking, how am I going to maintain my marathon training and how in the world are we going to complete all 50 states?  So, before I moved I searched the web for running routes in Reston and actually found a running group, the Reston Runners.  This running group was a godsend to me and really transcended my running to a new level.  Not only did I discover wonderful running routes, but I actually became a better runner.  And, best of all, I made several new friends.

Moving back to Denver in 2003 (yes I did moved back!), there were really no organized running groups that compared to the Reston Runners.  So I continued to run either with David or on my own.  I completed a marathon in 49 states, and, due to poor planning, it would be a full year until I could finish my 50th state (in Rhode Island).  Becoming burnt out and losing interest in running, I received an e-mail through spam about a running group in Denver, Runner’s Edge of the Rockies (RER), that was starting a summer running session.  Timing is everything!  So, I wrote to the coach and explained my quest to somehow get through one more marathon that following October to complete the 50 state journey.  The coach’s wife and business partner, Julie, responded immediately saying I came to the right place.  The first run was the very next Saturday at Runners Roost on Colorado Boulevard.  I attended and thus found my new home!

RER came at the right time; it recharged my interest in running and, not only did I complete the 50th state, but continued to do 26 more marathons.  I became faster, improving my marathon times and even qualifying for Boston.  And the friendships I made along the way are irreplaceable.  It was all due to that group, which has grown ten-fold over the years.

Last July we moved to Maui and, though running on the island is fantastic, the local running group, Valley Isle Road Runners, does not conduct many organized training runs but does sponsor quite a few races. However, I’m fortunate to have found some good running friends that I rely on for group running and motivation, but still, I find myself running alone most of the time… back to where I started.   A running group in my life is a major missing link, and I sure miss RER.

If you’re a part of a running group, you’re fortunate.  If not, and you are a runner and want to improve several aspects of your running that could quite possibly change your life, I suggest seeking one out.  Don’t worry if you don’t know anyone, quickly you will have many new friends.  I’ve found Runners are a warm and very welcoming people.  It will seriously be one of the best decisions you ever make and will most certainly take your running to the next level.


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