The Ultimate Running Gesture – The Runners “Thumbs Up!”

I know I’m lucky to live next to a great bike and running trail in Denver.  I’m not sure about you, but on most runs I pass other runners going the opposite direction.  It’s always in my nature to acknowledge a runner as they pass, by saying “good morning,” “hi,” or just giving a nod or a wave.  Most of the time the other runner reciprocates with the same.  However, there are times when I feel like Casper the friendly running ghost, as there’s no response from the other side.  It could be due to many reasons:  a bad day, it takes too much energy to respond, the sun’s not out, their dog ignored them, they’re listening intently to their iPod, or they’re just plain grumpy people.  Fortunately, the majority of runners are friendly.

Now, there is one gesture that is the ultimate of the ultimate–it’s the “thumbs up” sign.  There’s something very inspirational and powerful when you get the “thumbs up” from a passing runner.  It actually gives me chills.  This doesn’t happen often, but it happened to me last week as I was running the Cherry Creek trail.  When this runner passed me, he looked me directly in the eyes for a split second and gave me the “thumbs up” sign.  Instantly that gesture was like a Polaroid photograph frozen into my brain.  The intensity on that guy’s face was incredible, and the look of determination and laser focus was astonishing.  By the way, I was also running at a decent clip, and I’m sure I had the same determination and focus on my face.  For that instant we both were on the same level and silently, almost telepathically, said to each other, “we get it, right on

I love moments like that for it really solidifies that I am a runner and was recognized by another runner with the ultimate compliment.  Use your “thumbs up” gesture wisely — you will subconsciously know when the time is at hand (pun intended!).

So, I give you all the “thumbs up” for good running… always!

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