The Power of Positive Thinking – I won the IPad

Alright, back when I was 14, I filled in for my friends paper route — busted my butt and made $115.  All I could think about was this raffle for a new Yamaha Mini-Bike.  I wanted this mini-bike more than anything. I dreamed about it, visualized it and bought 115 raffle tickets at $1 each.  The day came, the drawing took place and my name was called.  I won a brand spanking new Yamaha Mini-Bike!  An amazing moment in my young life.

Now 39 years later, I wanted an Ipad.  An incentive contest that was held through my home based business company was giving one away.  The rules, sign up an new distributor in a 48 hour period and be entered to win.  Well, I did sign up a new distributor, our name was entered and on the call on Monday night we were announced as the winner out of 100.  Earlier that day, I posted the previous blog putting it out there that I would win.

The power of positive thinking is amazing.  It has worked for me for many years and reaped many positive results both personally and professionally.  It’s really all in the mind — whatever you want or want to do.  I am very grateful that I will now have an IPad along with my favorite Christmas gift, the shower foot cleaner & massager.  However, I will not use them at the same time.


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