The Loner on Keawakapu Beach

Being on vacation in Maui, everyone is having a great time. Happy, smiling, active enjoying the ocean and just some vacation downtime.  Who wouldn’t, its a beautiful place.

During my morning run, I always plan my route so I can cool down by walking for about 3/4 a mile on Keawakapu beach in South Maui.  For the past three years, I see this same man walking every morning.  He wears the same green boonie hat and has a beard.  Not in bad shape but not in great shape either. Kind of looks like he could work on a fishing boat. Never do I see him with anyone, never.  He doesn’t look sad but he also does not look happy.

Keawakapu Beach - South Maui

This year I saw him in Kihei and he drives a truck and does handyman work.  Since Kihei has many vacation condo’s, I’m sure there is plenty of work for him to keep busy and make a living.  As I pass him on the beach, I wonder what he thinks about?  Does he have family, did he go through a tragedy, a divorce, does he prefer to be alone and why did he decide to move to Kihei.  Maybe he has been here for years, and maybe not.  I pass many people during my run and they are just people but this guy sticks out. I notice him every day.

Maybe the reason I am so intrigued with this person is that I can relate with him. I’m married, have a wonderful family but prior to meeting my wife, I was a loner. I had no problem being alone and actually enjoyed it but sometimes the loneliness got to me.  I had situations in my life where it was best for me to be alone, avoiding the opportunity to be hurt. Maybe this guy is the happiest guy on the planet digging his life on Maui or maybe he is completely hurting inside and the beauty of Keawakapu Beach and Maui brings him calm and inner peace.

So I guess I will continue to wonder, he will continue to walk the beach every day and we both will go on living our lives. I am sure I will again see him next year when we return for our annual vacation.


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  • Ro says:
    September 08, 2012 3:39 AM

    I go to Keawakapu Beach often these days and I always see the same man there. He is an older man who has a gray bushy beard and is skinny. He is a real public nuisance, walking around Keawakapu Beach trying to strike up conversations with everyone – especially attractive women. He is a real pest. I wonder if this is the same guy you are writing of.

    • Jim Lynch says:
      December 04, 2012 3:53 AM

      No. This man is always by himself and he walks. He is a peaceful soul. I know the man you are talking about. I’ve seen him there for years and always in the morning. Thanks for your post.

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