The Boston Marathon 2014 – Healing A City

It’s hard to believe that it’s already been a year since the tragic events of the 2013 Boston Marathon.  It’s easy, however, to believe that of all of the 35,000 runners in Boston to run the 2014 Boston Marathon have one focus, healing. This years Boston Marathon really is a piece of unfinished business necessary in the healing process.

Boston Strong

There are so many stories coming out of Boston that it is impossible to keep up with all of them — and the stories I’ve read carry the same theme, healing.  Many of us runners will not be in Boston physically this year, but all of us no doubt will be there in spirit.  Most of us know somebody who will be one of the 35,000 runners representing our running community.  Runners and non-runners from all over the world will be directing positive energy towards Boston — incredible healing energy.

I can only imagine the emotion and the adrenaline in Hopkinton when runners enter their corral on Monday and the unleashed tsunami of tears, pride, and solidarity when the race finally starts.   There will no doubt be a moment of silence to remember the victims and the National Anthem will bring to surface even more tears.  And when the race starts, runners will show how much they care and love the City of Boston and the Boston Marathon and just how strong the sport of running is as each of them journey through the 26.2 miles, as one.

Thank you to all involved with the Boston Marathon and for coming together to make this year’s marathon the most memorable marathon we will ever witness. Thank you to the volunteers for giving your time to support the runners. Thank you to the City of Boston for your faith, pride and resilience to come back after being knocked down, stronger than ever. Thank you to the heros of last year for your selflessness, giving us all hope. Thank you to the survivors of last year for giving us all inspiration from your stories and the tremendous progress in your personal healing process. And to the families of the victims, we think of you and pray for your comfort as you continue to heal.

Finally, I wish all runners, especially my friends running the Boston Marathon this year, a tremendous race.  Each of you will pull from within so much more than you never even knew you had. And as you turn the corner towards the finish line on Boylston Street, raise your hands in the air with pride and know, today, you healed a city!


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