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Runners are like a sponge when it comes to soaking in information on running. However, much of it is the same regurgitated stuff, just with a different twist; kind of like self-help books.  That said, we runners still welcome whatever running-related information we can get our hands on because, you never know, by incorporating that one magical tip or piece of information into our running routine, it could possibly take us to that next level!



Well, at last there’s a refreshing new source of running information with a twist of inspiration and motivation available.  It’s the podcast of Matt Johnson, founder and host of Runner Academy.  Matt is an everyday runner who has been running for 15 years, and who brings a wealth of  running information to the table.  He has a simple philosophy, “Commit, Train and Achieve” which, when I think about it, is really spot on.  In addition to being a committed runner, Matt also has a broadcasting background and has put together and hosts one of the best running podcasts available, chock-full of practical information for running newcomers and everyday runners (like me).

Matt actually reached out to me based on my Twitter posts.  He told me about his podcasts, and invited me to be a guest on one of his episodes.  Good timing, since I just recently discovered the wonderful world of podcasts.  So, I subscribed (free) and downloaded all available episodes into my iTunes and onto my iPhone. Yea, a little high tech!  Since Runner Academy was fairly new, there were about seven episodes in his library, and now twelve today.  So, I checked the first episode out, and immediately knew this running information source was special.  I was instantly hooked.

It’s obvious from the second  you start listening to an episode, that Matt has done his homework.  He’s done extensive research on his guests and specific topics, and thoroughly planned out the interview.  Due to Matt’s incredible interviewing skills, you pleasantly get pulled into the episode and, before you know it, the hour has passed.  He even has a quick and practical running tip featured at the end of each podcast.  Matt  has had some great interesting guests, including Ada Wong from Biggest Loser Season 10, Dean Karnazes, the Ultra Marathon Man, and  of course, me!  Well, maybe not so much me, but just had to throw that in for PR purposes!

Matt Johnson - Host of Runner Academy Podcast

What I like about podcasts is you can easily subscribe to and download episodes, and listen to them at your convenience, such as during a run (remember: keep one earphone out for safety).  Or you can listen while driving, spinning, walking, doing cartwheels, skipping, singing, resting, really just about anytime, anywhere you want.  Believe me, if you’re a running information sponge like me, then you’ll definitely soak up and appreciate all of Matt’s episodes, even #11 which features, yep, you guessed it, me!

Now, my request for Matt, is to get my friend and the most interesting runner on the planet, Bart Yasso of Runners World, as a guest on an episode.  That episode will be “the bomb.”  We need to do a full court press to make it happen!  Bart, make this happen please!  Matt and Runner Academy has my endorsement ten-fold, so don’t wait, get on the information train and check it out today!

I’m hoping you’ll feel free to share your comments after listening to a Runner Academy podcast!


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