The 2012 Boston Marathon – Remembering 2004! Awesome!

Just Like 2004! Fun Times!

A marathon is like a vacation.  You wait for months planning and training for that big day and, like a vacation, it comes and goes at lightening speed.  Once over, the feeling’s the same; it’s done, it’s just a memory.  Maybe even a little post marathon blues set in, just as you feel when your wonderful vacation is over.  Well, your experience at Boston this year brought back memories for me of the 2004 Boston Marathon.

Yesterday, was the Boston Marathon and now it’s over.  All those months of training and excitement building up to the big day.  The heat was a curve ball, not really thought about nor planned on during all your months of training.  Chances are, you didn’t hit your goal, and even found some new things out about yourself since you had to dig deep to finish this one.  For me, a hot marathon sucks and I basically turn off my watch and just focus on getting to the finish line.

But wait, if you finished and got your medal, you have a hell of an inspirational story.  My story goes back to the 2004 Boston heat-fest.  It was not a good marathon for me, with a terrible finish time, but it was just the same the most incredible marathon for me.  The prior year I had to pull into the aid station at Mile 18 of the 2003 Boston Marathon and quit due to severe back and sciatica pain.  I was devastated and was even told by one doctor, that my running days were finished.  After a month of excruciating pain, I ended up having back surgery.  Forward to the 2004 Boston Marathon — Yea, I finished the 2004 Boston heat-fest as the happiest guy on the planet.  Could have been 188 degrees and I wouldn’t have cared.  The 2004 Boston Marathon medal is one of my most prized medals.

Listen, you pushed through 26.2 miles of extreme conditions yesterday, and you proved to yourself that you can do it and that you are a finisher!  It may have even been a life-changing experience for you, just as the 2004 Boston Marathon was for me.  It takes guts to accomplish what you did.

I relived my experience through all of you who finished yesterday.  I replayed crossing the finish-line again in 2004, completely wiped out but extremely satisfied.  Sure it was hot, but when you hear the words, “you will never run again,” the heat means nothing.  I know exactly how you felt and I am proud of each of you, finishers and non-finishers alike.

Many of you will be back again another April day to prove to yourself that you are a finisher.  Don’t let the post-marathon blues get you down.  Enjoy your accomplishment, pat yourself on the back for a job well done, and most of all for hanging in there and putting “One Foot in Front of the Other.”



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  • Cara Ross says:
    April 21, 2012 6:22 PM

    I was so excited to run Boston on Monday. It was my first Boston – and I was thrilled to have qualified. I was excited to train. The endorphins and enthusiasm I had carried me through the training and the toughest marathon I’ve ever run. However, my time was 30 minutes slower than my qualifying time. I can’t help but feel like such a failure and do feel depressed. I know post marathon blues are to be expected…but this is the worst case I’ve ever had. I need a new training goal….I’m giving my body 2 weeks of recovery – no running / very little running and then I figure I’ll begin runs with my running group. I’ve run 3 marathons in 7 months. I know that I probably need to focus on a different distance. I ran track in high school and college and LOVED doing my Yasso 800’s to build my speed for the marathon. I could focus on half marathons but it just doesn’t seem as exciting as preparing for a marathon. I am tempted to sign up for a fall marathon (Savannah – in November). Ahhh….I hate this feeling! Any advice?

    • Jim Lynch says:
      April 22, 2012 1:19 PM

      Thanks for posting. FIrst, with the heat it is expected a runner to be slower. No way around it. In 2004 my time was 45 minutes slower than normal but I was so happy I finished. For me,I like the marathon distance and always have my next marathon set to look forward to. Years ago, I would get upset if I did not hit my goal but as time went on finishing gave me the satisfaction. In all actuality nobody cares what your time is in a race. I have run 87 marathons and not once has anyone asked me my time for any of them. They are just impressed that I finished. You simply cannot look at the past but need to focus to the future. FInd your next race, sign up for it and train your mind to focus on it. Maybe find one with different weather conditions that are more suited to your running style. I am terrible in warm weather and excel in colder temperatures. A fall marathon would be perfect for you. Not sure what the temps are in Savannah but cannot be as hot as Boston this year. So go for it.

      Also, taking 2 weeks of recovery is very smart and when you start up, start off slow and build back up. Your running group friends will help get you back into the groove. The post marathon blues is understandable and natural. Just move forward to the future and everything will be fine. Good luck, keep your chin up and your running spirit will come back quick!

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