Running Shoe Confusion!

One thing I have never been, and that is an organized person.  Everything is usually a mess in my home, and my wife is always trying to nail me down to do some “clutter control.”  Besides my driving (getting lost and not wanting to use the GPS), clutter control is usually what we fight about most often.  I’m the type of person that mentally knows where everything is (or so I think), so why should I organize myself?  I’ve gotten through life just fine so far, and probably will until my memory goes completely haywire – and so what, I won’t remember anything anyway, so I won’t really care.

I’ve met some pretty organized runners.  They keep track of everything:  statistics, race results, training plans, the weather during each run, how many times they wash and wear their running shorts and so on.  Me, I just put my shorts on (yes, clean) and go – well, at least I hope I remember to put on my running shorts!  Fortunately for me, I mentally know which route I’m running that day, and sometimes even remember how to get back.  I always laughed at those organized runners.  Ha Ha Ha.  Until now.

Running Shoe Confusion

For the first time, I have run into a dilemma that is resulting in some major crow eating.  It’s called “Running Shoe Confusion.”  Many of my organized runner friends do something simple that I thought was silly.  When they purchase a new pair of running shoes, they’d write the date on the side.  “What for?!” I said to myself?  I know when my shoes are ready to be replaced.  I don’t need to do that.  Well, we recently moved to Hawaii into smaller condo, and my wife, who is still and will always be on her never ending quest to organize me, decided to organize all my shoes, which include my running shoes.  She was simply trying to be helpful, and also open up some more space for me to clutter.

I wear Newton Motion Stability running shoes, and have three identical pairs – two of which are worn out.  I always keep my old running shoes until they accumulate to the point of ridiculous, and then give them away to charity.  My newest pair I always keep separated from the others to avoid confusion and mixup.  My wife, proud as a peacock, showed me her organization job – all my shoes neatly inserted into a door shoe holder, very neat and tidy.  All of my identical Newton’s together in slots.  One problem though, they were all mixed up.

No matter how hard I looked at the tread, I could not figure out which were the oldest and which were the newest.  If only I hadn’t laugh at my organized runner friends and actually put a date on them, I’d be good to go.   Now, I’m throwing darts in the dark hoping to find at least the best pair.  Unsuccessfully, I may add.

I will be running the Honolulu Marathon this weekend, my 90th marathon, and will do my best to pick the most recent pair.  If my marathon time is lousy, I will absolutely blame it on the shoes!  Not my wife though or the next time she may just throw them all away!  You can be sure I will write the date on my next new pair.  Stupid is as stupid does!  Guess the last laugh is on me! HA HA HA


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  • Matt Johnson says:
    December 04, 2012 2:00 PM

    Great idea Jim! I’m going to share this as a quick tip on a future podcast. Another idea is to label a pair of shoes A or B if you buy two pairs at once and cycle them to prolong the life of your shoes.

    But the date is essential.

  • Rita L. Cognion says:
    December 05, 2012 1:58 AM

    I am not as organized as I’d like to be, but I can tell you: this problem is not one that I am likely ever to have. My shoes are dated. This is not so that I know when to replace them, more so that when I get a new pair and want to conserve the number of running shoes in the home, I know which ones are oldest and can be given to homeless folks or left on the mainland during my next trip.

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