Running is Liberating!

I’m always curious to hear what attracts people to running.  All of us runners have our personal reasons as to why we run.  I met with a good friend of mine this past week to talk to her about her incredible story that I plan to include in my upcoming book, One Foot in Front of the Other.

Running is Liberating!

Running is Liberating!

During our conversation, we were discussing some positive metaphors such as “desire to do it far exceeds the willingness to accept normalcy,” and “if you are truly determined, you can do anything.”  As I was listening to her story and the more we talked about running, another metaphor, “running is liberating” kept resonating through my mind as a mantra all day long.  “Why,” I thought?  Because running really is liberating!

If you think about it, liberate means freedom and running is freedom.  Running allows you to break the chains that bind you to freely move your body.  Running will destroy the negative demons inside and replace them with self-confidence and accomplishment.  Running gives you a reason instead of an excuse. Running will make you glow instead of looking tired and worn.  Running will bring you happiness, if all you’ve experienced is sadness. Running will bring you hope instead of despair. Running will train your mind to conquer instead of accepting defeat. Running can bring you companionship, if all you’ve known is loneliness.  Running will show the world you can do it, when everyone said you couldn’t.  Running will make you a winner, where you might have previously been a quitter.

Running personally changed my life and made me a better all around person.  I am forever grateful to running; it has rewarded me with many positive friendships, accomplishments, experiences and memories.  Running has and always will be there for me and will never let me down. The fact is, the more I put into running, the more it gives back, always and without question.  Can it do the same for you, yes…yes it will!

Running truly is liberating!


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  • Sherlock says:
    April 20, 2014 10:35 AM

    Perfect example of what running does for me.

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