Runners Remembering Boston – Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things!

It’s been a week since the unfortunate events in Boston. It’s been a week of tragedy, pain, fear, drama and even relief.  Most importantly,  through it all we’ve witnessed the rise of heroes and the full beauty of the human spirit.  Some were actual runners who had just put their all in for four hours to complete 26.2 miles of endurance, pain and fatigue, only then to unselfishly continue on to aid others in need; the human spirit showing its finest form.  Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

We then witnessed throughout the week dedicated professional law enforcement giving their all towards their work, working tirelessly for hours and days until the residents of Boston were safe and the country could breathe a sigh of relief.  Not to be discounted were the citizens of many communities coming together to assist.  These true heroes displayed love for their job, community and fellow man – another display of the human spirit in its finest form.

Our little part to remember Boston!

Our little part to remember Boston!

Over the past week, runners all over the country and world provided their support for Boston in their own way.  Maybe by wearing a Boston shirt, possibly posting a thought on Social Media, maybe some involvement with a tribute through a local running group, or possibly donating a few dollars to the One Fund Boston to help those that were injured.  Maybe you did nothing but just remembered Boston during your run.  No matter what I have no doubt all runners in some way remembered Boston this past week.  Our small Sunday Kihei, Hawaii running group wore Boston shirts. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things!

As runners, we learn to work through challenges no matter how tough the course is ahead of us.  Running helps us through those challenges.  Running helps us make some sense of things that otherwise make no sense.  Running is healing and runners can be healers.  Over the next year I have no doubt every marathon, no matter how big or small, will remember Boston in some way. Runners will show their support in abundance and the healing power of the running community will shine.  Runners will provide comfort and support for all the victims of Boston, and we will hear incredible stories of how they overcame their challenges.  That is the power of the human spirit!  Just ordinary people doing extraordinary things!

The Boston Marathon will always be “The Boston Marathon” to me.  I will never tarnish it’s name by adding on a word at the end to label it differently, although that is how it will be portrayed or bastardized in the media for weeks, months and years ahead.  To most, “The Boston Marathon” will forever have a different meaning and sure we all know that next year it will feel different, but for me as a runner, it is The Boston Marathon.”  Next April, the media attention will be significant and without a doubt Boston the victims, the heroes and the running community will be well along in their healing process. Next year’s Boston Marathon will represent empowerment to Boston, the country and the running community — and when it comes right down to it, those that do run in the 2014 Boston Marathon will simply be ordinary people doing a very extraordinary thing!


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