Got Runner’s Burnout?

It’s amazing to me the ups-and-downs and peaks and valleys of running.  The high times are when you feel like you’re on top of the world and your body feels like a well-oiled machine that can run mile-after-mile-after-mile — everything just clicks.  Even when you’re not running, you’re dreaming of running.  All you seem to think about is running, running and running.  It’s the anticipation to lace-up and pound out some miles, and even visualizing your next race.  The low times, however, come out of nowhere; something changes and your running motivation disappears, your times are slower and the floor drops from underneath and then you realize, gee I have a case of “Runners Burnout.”

Runner's Burnout

Runner’s Burnout

Yea, I know, now that the spring marathon and race season is just around the corner, the last thing you want to hear about is Runner’s Burnout!  But with the snow, rain, cold temperatures and flu these past few months, there are probably several normally motivated runners who are right now experiencing a severe case of Runner’s Burnout.  Just the thought of lacing up your running shoes is overwhelming, and forget about going outside.  Also, the dreaded “dreadmill” for a run is not even something you want to deal with.  And that upcoming race even seems impossible.  It sucks, but it does happen to us mere mortal runners every so often.

If you feel like you’ve lost your mojo, possibly gained about 10 pounds and the only positive thoughts of running are pictures, medals and memories, be assured that you will eventually pull out of your slump and get back on top of your running game — if you want to.  The weather will change, the sun will come out and you will once again look forward to lacing-up.  In the meantime, here are just a few suggestions to help you inch forward from your running abyss:

  1. Get around some physically motivated people.  You don’t need to really do anything, just get around them and things will happen.  If you belong to a gym, go two days during the week and try anything but running.
  2. Read motivating running stories in publications or running blogs.  There are several out there.  Hey, you’re reading mine!
  3. Watch “Spirit of the Marathon,” a movie that motivates me every time I view it.  Spirit of the Marathon II is coming out soon.  Check out the trailer!  Oh, Spirit of the Marathon-Chicago is on Netflix streaming!
  4. Go to your local running store and just start looking around at shoes, clothes and products.  Buy a new outfit.  Look at the brochures for upcoming small races in your area such as a 5K or 10K and consider signing up for one.
  5. Lace up your running shoes and just go for a walk outside or inside a mall.  Get the cobwebs out of those shoes.  Leave your watch at home.
  6. Call a running buddy and set up a time to get out for a 1 or 2-mile run at a favorite spot.  The power of a running buddy can get the running juices flowing again.  If you don’t have a running buddy, check out a local running group.  Treat yourself afterward to coffee or a bite to eat as your reward, which is also a good chance to catch up with running friend.
  7. Set some goals!
  8. Just put “One Foot in Front of the Other!”

Feel free to share other ideas on how you pull out of your “Runner’s Burnout” slump.  I wish you nothing but success.  I’m actually pulling out of a running slump myself.  I KNOW WE CAN DO IT!


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  • March 06, 2013 5:51 PM

    Great post! I’m just getting over my slump. Can’t wait for clear trails and sunshine!!

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