Post-Run Social Time! A Universal Tradition Among Runners!

In my opinion, running is so much more than just throwing on your running shoes and hitting the road or trails for a few miles.  The benefits of running well exceed the physical, and definitely capture the mental.  Runners use mostly four of the five senses when running — sight, hearing, smell and feel!  Taste, though, is reserved for after the run.

Nothing Like Social Time after a Run!

Whether you’re running with a friend, a group of friends, or an organized running group, there’s a very good chance when you’re finished with your awesome run, there’ll be some social time.  It’s a tradition among runners.

I’m a morning runner, which usually means my social time will involve a place that serves a good cup of joe and some sort of breakfast food (of course, beer and burgers is the food of choice for evening runners).  It’s amazing how many friendships are cemented and incredible stimulating conversations occur during the post-run social time.  This is that special time when you get to know more about the folks you spend so much time running with mile-after-mile.  Post-run social time is sometimes as important as the run itself. It’s the healthy cigarette after sex!  True satisfaction!

I’ve been running consistently for 25-years, however, the first 12-years were by myself.  I was first introduced to the joy of the post-run social time in 2001, when I joined the Reston Runners running club in Reston, Virginia.  It didn’t take long to make some friends, and soon I was a part of the morning ritual, going for that hot cup of joe and swapping stories for a few hours.  The Reston Runners usually did a five-mile run on Saturday and a 10-mile run Sunday.  Both days included post-run coffee and conversation.

Moving back to Denver in 2003, I spent almost three years without a running group.  I’d run with my friend David and we would grab some joe after our run, but I was still missing the stimulation of a running group.  I missed the Reston Runners and I especially missed the post-run socialization.  Finally in the summer of 2006, I discovered a small running group in Denver, Runners Edge of the Rockies (“RER”).  RER runs were held on Saturday mornings, and within a very short time my post-run social time was back in full swing. As a matter of fact, within just a few years RER became so big that we would pretty much take over the coffee shop or restaurant we went to.  To this day, that tradition continues.  Actually, at the pre-gathering before the run, we would hammer out the location we were going to meet once done.  This was extremely important and if we didn’t have this piece of business completed, it could seriously throw off the run!

Last year, my wife Debbie and I moved to Kihei, Hawaii, on the island of Maui.  Although there is a running club, Valley Isle Road Runners, there are limited organized weekly training runs.  However, I’ve been fortunate to connect and become friends with a small group of runners, and we do a Sunday morning run each week.  And, you guessed it, we all enjoy our post-run social time at a great restaurant called Beach Bums.

When I’m not running and I stop in a coffee or breakfast place in the morning, I of course notice other runners having their own post-run social time.  It’s universal and a runner’s tradition that will never fade away!  Enjoy your post-run social time, you deserve it!

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