Peaceful Easy Feeling

I always look forward to this time of the year because we take our annual vacation in Maui, Hawaii.  Maui is my favorite place on the planet and holds for years many good memories.  Each year we create new friendships and memories, even with people we may never see again.  It is a very peaceful and spiritual place and everyone you meet is always happy and smiling.  The Hawaiian culture is rich in tradition, family and music is a staple point.  Most will never really experience true Hawaiian music on the mainland–on the island you can’t avoid it.

We are fortunate to be able to spend more than an average amount of time on the Island.  We see many people come and go and get seduced by Maui with the “I’ll be Back” or “We are Going to Move Here” comment.  For most, that thought will evaporate the second they get on the airplane to head home but there are some that act on those statements and do come back–often. I even know a few people that have packed it all in, sold everything they owned and moved to Maui and have made a very nice life for themselves.  It can be done but all the stars must align. This may sound corny but it is true, if the island like you, it will provide the means to be here.  If the island does not like you, you will never make it back no matter what.  Sounds spooky but it is spot on true.

Peaceful Easy Feeling

“Aloha” means welcome and Maui provides the Aloha spirit.  You see it everywhere on the island.   Here is a question, in the city where you live, how many people walk down the street and wear a t-shirt or shirt with the name of your town or city?  Yea maybe a sports team but certainly not the name of your city.  In Maui, everyone wears something that represents Maui or Hawaii–both locals and vacationers.  Why, plain and simple,  it means FUN and RELAXATION.  There is nothing but fun on the island.  It’s freaky when we get back to the mainland and walk through the airport; everyone and everything is moving very fast.  You see instantly the stresses of our society with smart phones, computers, CNN, newspapers, magazines and fast food.  Yikes, its a wonder we live to be 30!  Its actually somewhat traumatizing.

Now the point I am trying to make is that wouldn’t it be great if somehow you could incorporate the “Peaceful, Easy Feeling” in your everyday life? I’m not sure that this is possible these days. Too many distractions.  I’m going to try it when we return to Denver in June.  No guarantees.  I’m just thankful my wife and I have some freedom to experience the slowdown of life and to just “hang loose” for awhile and enjoy that “Peaceful, Easy Feeling.”  It really does a body good.


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