One Foot in Front of the Other will be released in 2018.  It’s about life and running woven with wonderful stories of youth, growing, success, even failure.  From it, you will visit neighborhoods that only a kid would remember; amazing “aha” transformations that maturity brings and a multitude of amazing people in the life of marathon runner Jim Lynch.

Immediately when you start turning the pages, you will read about Jim’s childhood and actually find yourself reminiscing about your own childhood memories.  As each of us  has challenges in life, Jim was no exception.  The loss of his parents at an early age forced him to be thrown into the real world and fend for himself before he could vote.

Fiercely independent and alone in life, Jim appeared to be self-sufficient and doing fine.  But inside was a different story as Jim discovered one day in the mid-90s, where he hit his lowest life point that nearly cost him his life.

From that point, it changed.  Running soon became the vehicle that has defined him to this day.  Running has helped many people and after reading One Foot in Front of the Other, you may also choose to discover your own vehicle … be it running or something else.

As you take the journey through Jim’s life, you will find yourself thinking, laughing and even crying.  One Foot in Front of the Other is filled with motivation, inspiration, insight and humor.

One Foot in Front of the Other is a powerful thought-provoking read that you will not want to miss.