No Slumping in the Running Zone!

There are so many programs, techniques and methods for one to improve their running.  Some are logical, some scientific, and maybe even some personal superstitions that are believed to work.  Others include the Galloway Method, Yasso 800’s, Chi Running, plyometrics, cross fit, yoga, hill repeats, speed work, nutrition, supplements, palm readers and of course, the Ouija Board (google it). Anything imaginable that provides the magic bullet to make one run stronger, longer and faster.  Basically different strokes for different folks. Whatever works right?  All this stuff we try to apply while running in the “running zone” hoping for improvement.

No Slumping in the Running Zone!

No Slumping in the Running Zone!

Completing 91 marathons thus far, I continually seek a better “magic bullet.”  I’m not sure there actually is one, but I have found several techniques that have improved my personal running over the years.  Of course nothing will replace a good solid training plan and sticking to it.  A plan that properly balances your mix of long and short training runs with some other goodies mixed in along the way.  This will pay off tenfold on race day, however, if you slacked during your training, I guarantee you will be punished.  I’m about to be proof of that on May 19th when I run the Denver Colfax Marathon, undertrained.

There’s one running tip I can comfortably share with you which I know for a fact will help (and it’s not the Ouija Board).  It is to avoid slumping forward.  As we duke it out through our long training runs and race fatigue sets in, it’s a natural tendency to slump forward.  By keeping your head up and looking straight forward, gravity will allow the body to stay in alignment, properly distributing weight to keep everything in balance, thereby exerting less energy and allowing gravity to do its thing as your friend.  Gravity is amazing!  Slumping forward shifts the body weight forward, thus forcing your body to use more energy and ultimately speeding up fatigue and exhaustion.  This action makes gravity your enemy.  Like a spinning top, it spins and spins for a long time but when it slows, it wobbles out of alignment then topples over.  We may not topple over during our run, but will sure wobble!

No doubt we all need to check our posture periodically while running, since slumping does sneak up on you.  Next time you do your scheduled long run, consciously check your posture every so often, and if you find yourself slumping, correct it.  Even if you only can catch yourself a few times during a race, just correcting it for a short time can improve your overall race time, and that in my book is a good thing.  Of course this is only another theory so feel free to go the Ouija Board route which will call on those special spirits to look over you and keep you running strong!  Actually, I think I need to dust off the Ouija Board and call on a few spirits myself to help get me through Colfax on May 19th!


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