Missing the Phone Booth!

Cell phones, smart phones are nothing but a huge time suck. They are stuck to our ears and fill our brains with a bunch of ridiculous nonsense. The slight vibration, sound, ping or whatever the thing does to notify you has us scrambling to our smart phones as if we were being contacted by the President. Wonder what the injury rate is diving for a smart phone? About 5% of all conversations are relevant, and the other 95% verbal garbage that has no significance except to waste time. Yea, you may argue they are convenient and time efficient. Yea, right, whatever? Oh how I miss the phone booth.

Phone Booth Today

If you are old enough to remember the phone booth, it was a private–not so private booth where we could step in and close the glass door, place a coin in the slot and make a call to someone. We made the call, quickly got our business done and we were gone. Most phone booth calls lasted 2-3 minutes at most. Mostly to contact a friend to find out where we were meeting–a girlfriend–directions–contact our family to let them know we were on our way home and if they needed anything–or as a kid, checked in so the parents would not worry. No senseless chit-chat. An actual time efficient purpose.

Classic Phone Booth

Of course, we also stopped at the phone booth to find a phone number or address from the phone book that was hanging down via a coated metal cord and most of the time the information you wanted was on a page that someone already ripped out of the book. You could also develop some awesome coordination skills in a phone booth by balancing the phone to your ear with your shoulder as you used your hands to scan the phone book which was a trick in itself. Come to think about it, they still print phone books, though smaller and leave new ones ten times a year at your doorstep– I cannot think of the last time I ever used one except to prop open a door. And businesses still place ad’s in them? Now that is really spending the marketing dollars wisely.

Classic Pay Phone

Area codes were not necessary unless you were placing a long distance call which you would be instructed to add more coins and about a minute before your time ran out you would be instructed to put in some more. Some phone booths were clean where others smelled really, really bad but that was the charm and also could be a factor on how long it took you to place your call. I’m sure the germ factor inside a phone booth was off the charts but we are all still alive. Back then, there were as many or even more phone booths as there are Starbucks today–or in Denver, medical marijuana dispensaries.

The saddest part of the disappearance of the phone booth is the effect it has had on Clark Kent. Where does he go today to change into Superman? The restroom at Walmart? Seriously, I really miss that darn phone booth!


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