Locker Room at the Fitness Center

Well Happy New Year!

This is the time of the year when everyone implements their short lived new year resolutions.  Probably the resolution that gets the most exposure is losing weight and getting into shape. Turn on the TV and count how many weight loss commercials are played.  Of course, this is a windfall for the local fitness centers. New memberships are sold to enthusiastic people who want to change their lives. I would think about 1% really stick with it and the others will still pay the fitness center monthly fee long after they go back to their bag of potato chips.  I’d love to get in on that reoccurring revenue opportunity!

So this now brings up another issue.  For about a month, my 24 Hour Fitness center is jammed packed with newbies aimlessly wandering around trying to figure out how to work all those machines.  I imagine to someone who has not been to a fitness center in 20 years it could be quite intimidating — and the physical abuse those machines will give them — they have no idea!  When they sign the contract I’m sure there is no warning that when they start this new fitness thing they will experience a tremendous amount of pain and soreness .  Just like any exercise, if they can pass that threshold, there is a good chance they will succeed.

Now for real issue, “the locker room”. Yes the locker room!I can only speak for the men’s locker room, however, I am quite sure the ladies maybe the same. Here is the deal, no matter how skilled an architect is, it is impossible to design a functional locker room at a fitness center. Why, because there is a limited amount of space to jam all those lockers into and members are packed in like sardines.  Maybe I am an exception but there can actually be three people in locker room and my locker will either be above, below or next to the other two — and we will all decide to be there at the same time. Never fails.

This time of the year, it’s locker room hell!  Not only are new members trying to figure out the machines, they are also learning how to properly use a gym bag and adequately maneuver in a 1’x1′ space.  Believe me it’s not pretty.  So the real solution is to go to 24 Hour Fitness at 2 am.  Not that I personally plan to be there at that time of the morning, it’s really just a suggestion.  So you veteran fitness center users, live well and prosper — and shower at home thru January.


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