And So, Life Goes On!

Life Goes On...

Well, it’s about time that I start blogging again.  The last time I blogged was June 29th of this year, shortly after my running friend Michael Fontes lost his life after being hit by a car during our Saturday morning running group run.  That was a overwhelming and shocking tragedy and an extremely tough time for several of us runners.  Michael’s passing also happened during a major change in my life.

Back in April my wife Debbie and I made the decision to move from Denver to Kihei, Hawaii located on the beautiful island of Maui. Yes, quite a big move!  I headed to the island on July 13th and my wife would follow me a few short months later once my stepdaughter Lindsey and her brand spanking new husband Cullen exchanged their marital vows. The wedding was spectacular and of course Debbie and I are very proud.

Leaving an area you have been living for 17 years can be tough. I was leaving behind several good friends, many great running friends and a running group that really was a big part of my life for several years.  Runners Edge of the Rockies indeed brought me much fulfillment and happiness. However we all make choices and life goes on. That is how you grow as a person. Now we live in Hawaii and it has been a wonderful transition.

Well, no matter how nice a place you live, life will still throw its challenges at you.  Yesterday, yes yesterday, my wife Debbie had open-heart surgery to replace a damaged aorta heart valve. It’s been tough for her the last year but she is finally on her way to a healthier and happier life, which is wonderful for the both of us. And, just a month ago, my brother in Charleston, SC had unexpected quadruple bypass surgery. My brother was how I discovered running in the first place.  He is getting better each day, but it is a slow road to full recovery. And it just shows that all you can really do is continue to put “One Foot in Front of the Other” and enjoy each day and the special people in your life. Life can change so fast.

Finally, the week before I left Denver, my running group touched my heart by doing a surprise “Flashmob” dance to the song “Call Me Maybe.”  Our little hip-hop dancing runner, Nicole Mattson, conceived and choreographed the whole thing. Man what a job she did! What a job everyone did!  I just want to thank Nicole and all my running friends again for this gift from the very bottom of my heart! I will never ever forget that special moment. I miss you all!  And if you want to see how powerful fellow runners can be, watch the video of the “Flashmob!” Amazingly, some are even amazing dancers! Who would have known?


Well, it’s good to be back! Keep running everyone and remember to always put “One Foot in Front of the Other!”


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