Grocery Store Holiday Music

I really like going to the grocery store during the holiday season. First it’s so crowded that you play “dodge the unaware shopper” with your cart. Second, you can catch up on all the celebrity gossip from the magazines while waiting a half-hour in the check-out line. But the best is that you get to hear so much holiday music sung by dead people. Some of these legends have been dead for years but are still singing their hearts out each and every holiday season in grocery stores across america!

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Categories: Cool Memories, Crazy Observations, Music
  • Jim H says:
    December 30, 2010 11:48 AM

    Sometimes, when it’s my turn to checkout, I pause to “listen” and pretend to cry at an inappropriate Holiday song (e.g. Holly, Jolly Christmas) and when the clerk checks me out I just say that this song brings back bitter childhood memories but I’ll be alright in a minute.

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