Holiday Lights and Decorations – Take Em’ Down!

Unless I am missing something, I consider the holiday season officially ended on January 2nd, period.  After that date I am then fully focused on the new year and as far as I am concerned the holiday season is a distant memory.

The other night, January 13th to be exact, I was driving towards downtown Denver.  Everywhere I looked were holiday lights and decorations.  Every time I stopped at a traffic light or stop sign, I would look down the street and would see a handful of homes that still had their holiday lights brightly shining as if it were Christmas Eve.  Why does this bother me?  I’m not sure but either people are to lazy to take them down or they cannot let go of the holiday season.  After being bombarded with holiday ads in the newspaper and on television, dealing with out-of-control drivers trying to get to the overcrowded shopping centers and spending a boatload of money,  I am done with it.

After New Years day, I am focused on more important things such as the fresh resolutions that I will not keep and of course the NFL Playoffs and the Super Bowl. Baseball spring training is just around the corner and the days get longer — Even the retail stores have moved on and are selling all holiday lights and decorations 70-80% off — and the shelves are filled with Valentines Day items.  So why do people continue to milk the lights and decorations?  Sure, January 7th is Russian Christmas but I doubt there are that many Russian citizens scattered around Denver.  So simply, I just don’t have an answer. It’s a mystery.

All I can say, it really bothers me and its time for people to pack em up and to move on with the new year!


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Categories: Crazy Observations
  • David Gillikin says:
    January 23, 2011 4:56 PM

    Hey Jim! Coming from Michigan, I enjoyed seeing the lights up well into February. After Christmas, there is nothing to look forward to until St. Patrick’s Day. Valentines Day is no big deal (unless you are one of those that feel you have to get engaged on that day), the Detroit Lions were never in the playoffs, and it’s just cold and dreary. At least Colorado has sunshine to make things a bit cheerier, so I don’t know why Coloradans do it. I don’t mind the lights, but c’mon folks, take down the Santa Claus and the reindeer.

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