Fame and Wikipedia

I’m not sure who creates and updates things on Wikipedia but it amazes me.

Ted Williams, the homeless guy with the “Golden Voice” has quite a Wikipedia page.  He has been famous for three weeks.  His page has quite a bit of history on him, his family history and his instant rise to fame, including the fact he checked out of rehab after only 12 days.  I’m quite sure more will be added to his page in the next month or so.

Someday I will have a Wiki Page

So I was thinking, in order to know you have really made it, you need to be recognized on Wikipedia. I checked my name and at this point, no Wikipedia page for me.  Writing my book, “One Foot in Front of the Other” may be my big chance when it is published this year, though I think you may need to have some national exposure and become somewhat famous before Wikipedia recognizes you as worthy.

What is super scary about Wikipedia is how quick it is updated.  Last Sunday, Jack LaLane died.  I just happened to be on CNN.com saw this as breaking news. Immediately I went to his Wikipedia page and his death was already listed.  Freaky.

I do want my own Wikipedia page someday and it may just happen when I get on the “Today Show”.  Yes that is one of my pipe dreams with the book — be a guest on the Today Show.  If that happens, I’m sure whoever does the Wikipedia thing we recognize me as “worthy” and put something together.  I’ll be interested to read what they come up with — hopefully I don’t see my death date listed.  Now that would be really freaky!

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