Dreaming of Being an Elite Runner

I remember last December while I was running the Honolulu Marathon, there was quite a long stretch of out-and-back.  Being a mere mortal, I was at about the 11-mile marker and in the distance quickly approaching on the other side was the first place elite runner, just about to cross the 20-mile marker.   As he approached, I turned to runner next to me and said “if only!”

Being an average runner, I sometimes fantasize what it would be like to just once experience being an elite runner.  As an elite, I could bypass all the traffic in the morning getting to the start line in a limo and be dropped off in the VIP area where I would be isolated from the crowds and even just about have my own port-o-let.  Oh, and I could save a ton of money since my entry fee is waived (actually they’d probably pay me) and my travel expenses and accommodations are also covered.  Plus all the free food! What a deal!

To Be an Elite Runner!

To Be an Elite Runner!

During the race, I would be running so fast that I would be alone most of the race, except for the pace car in front of me shooting video or flashing pictures.   And all the time I’m sucking its exhaust and getting a headache from that loud beep coming from the police motorcycle  as it clears out the people on the course ahead.  Oh, and I don’t need to drink out of generic plastic cups, I would have my own water or fluid waiting for me on a special table that I would most likely need to grab.  And the people on the side would actually be cheering for me and me alone since there would be no other runners around me.  Of course, they have no idea what my name is and I would show no emotion, nor respond because I would be “in the zone.”

What would it be like to finish the marathon in just a couple of hours?  I could go back to bed for the rest of the morning!  That is, if I didn’t have to do a bunch of interviews or be stuck waiting around for my giant trophy, check and possibly the brand new car I won.  Even then, I would probably get through that entire hoopla well before the mere mortals arrived at the finish line.  When back at my hotel, I would have some more incredible food and on the flight home, I could read some articles about myself in some of the running magazines!

Thinking about it, I like being the runner I am.  I get to gut the marathon out with hundreds of other great people that are also gutting it out.  I’m able to encourage others as they encourage me throughout the race.  And people on the sides are cheering for all runners to get them through 26.2 and that means quite a lot.  Yea, being a mere mortal means we not as fast, but crossing that finish line is a super human accomplishment.  And I prefer to eat the after race food while I’m saturating Social Media about my super human accomplishment, and just waiting for the congratulations and praise to pour in.  So what if you can’t walk for a few days after, that’s part of the experience.  Wearing that finisher medal makes it all worth it.

So, fantasizing about being an elite runner will remain just that, a fantasy!  I’ll stay where I belong, with my mere mortal running peeps that are the badest badasses around!


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  • Ari says:
    March 12, 2013 11:00 AM

    Ha ha well thought up post. Yes there are pros and cons, but being what you are is just fine. Even if that means barely being able to run half a mile for me right now. :/

  • March 12, 2013 11:31 AM

    I enjoyed your post. As a veteran age group marathoner (31) I had the opportunity to run Boston a couple of years ago with VIP privileges, which included a private bus, private Porto johns and private post race tent. I prefer the age group experience so much more. While the private Porto johns were quite nice, the buses from the commons and rest of the camaraderie was so much more of an experience. It’s great to be an age grouper.

  • heidi r. says:
    April 07, 2013 3:31 PM

    You are an Elite Runner! I use to jog at least 4 mi. a day until health issues stopped me. I struggle to do a quarter of a mile. If I could run even a 5th of what you do, I’d feel like champion of the world! 🙂

    • Jim Lynch says:
      April 17, 2013 9:58 PM

      Heidi thank you for your post. Keep a positive attitude and I hope you get through your health issues. You are a champion.

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