It happens all too often.  A life is changed in an instant.  One moment, healthy and strong —  moving and running like lightning and then in a second,  paralyzed from the neck down.  It even hit close to home a few years ago when the son of a colleague in the cable business experienced this tragedy when his son was paralyzed in a freak accident.  It could happen to any one of us at any time.

I saw this story on Rutgers’ Eric LeGrand last week on ESPN SportsCenter.  Last October, Eric, a defensive lineman hit Army kick returner Malcom Brown at the 25 yard line.  He lay motionless and was eventually carted off the field.  At the time he was diagnosed with a complete spinal cord injury.  Recently, he has regained sensation throughout his entire body and now the diagnosis has been changed to incomplete.  This means he may have a chance to recover.  Very rare and many with this type of injury never will.  Remember Christopher Reeve?

Believe! (Watch Video Here)

In this story, Eric’s attitude is very positive.  When an accident like this happens, immediately everyone is there to provide massive support and good wishes.  In reality, after time has passed, life takes over and many friends and well wishers have moved on with their lives and the person paralyzed has only very close family and few friends as support.  Mentally, this must be overwhelming and very depressing. It is almost impossible to imagine.

There are several times during a training run or a marathon where I just want to quit.  The pain is intense and mentally I’m drained.  That is when my mind takes over a pulls me through the tough periods.  Stories like Eric’s come to mind and I think, I have everything going for me and I CAN do this.  No time to feel sorry for myself when others are struggling.  Eric would do anything to move a finger and I’m complaining? Get a grip Lynch! It is stories like this that make me thankful for a healthy body and my ability to be able to run — enjoy nature, breathe fresh air and take in the incredible sites and sounds.  My life is good!

So when you think you can’t or are feeling a little down on yourself think of Eric and you will then realize you CAN!

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