A Majestic Run is Good for the Soul!

A Majestic Run is Good for the Soul!


In my last blog post, I wrote about when a “Bad Training Run is Good for You.” Well, our running group members from Runners Edge of the Rockies in Denver got a royal treat on Saturday.  A run on a beautiful day on a spectacular, breathtaking course on Rock Creek and Coal Creek trails around Broomfield, Colorado, which is very close to Boulder.

There’s something to be said that beauty can tame the beast.  This was a day that I enjoyed running the first half of my 14-mile run with my pace group, but really wanted to run most of the way back by myself.  I wanted to take in the scenery of the beautiful Rocky Mountains and just get into my own head.  It was actually a “Zen run” for me. Along the way, I even took pictures of a few of our other pace groups.

I must say, this was a great training run for me.  There were definitely obstacles; first we’ve been having some incredibly warm weather in Denver, combine that with the altitude, and add in the sun pounding down on you due to the lack of shade, and 14 miles can really take a lot out of you.  However, that beast was tamed by the constant beauty of the run.  Nature naturally sucks you in with its views and smells, and quietly whispers in your head, “look at me, take me all in because this is really what life is all about.”  “Just keep looking at me and I will get you through any obstacle.”  Now that I think of it, I think nature has actually been whispering to me through many marathons.  I’ve been on some beautiful courses.

Many members of our running group are training for spring marathons and half-marathons, and had goal pace miles that day.

Loving the Run!

Too bad for them, they were fully-focused on their goal pace and probably were unable to really experience the beauty of the run.  Kinda like living by the ocean, seeing the water every day and never enjoying it.  Bummer!

I fairly easily made it through 13 of the 14 miles.  The final mile was a steep uphill climb, but I didn’t really care.  I still had a smile on my face, a feeling of satisfaction and was glad I was alive.  Heck, I realized I had just ran the most beautiful run of the year and I couldn’t have been happier! Not only did I have a good run, but I had a great training run!

So with that, all I have to say is “a majestic run is good for the soul.”  Nuff said!


I’d love to hear about your own “majestic” run!  Feel free to share.


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