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A Runner May Not Live A Day Longer, But Will Live A Longer Day!


I Live a Longer Day!


When my brother was in his running prime, he would say, “A runner may not live a day longer, but will live a longer day.”  This saying resonated with me ever since.  There are many reasons why I believe this saying is true, specifically due to running’s positive effects on your health, both physically and mentally.

In my late teens and early 20s, I smoked and ate junk food, meat and potatoes, and beer, were the main staple of my diet.  I’d light up the second I woke up, and sometimes even light up during a meal.  Yuck!  I didn’t focus on my health; it didn’t matter, I was invincible.  Fact is, if you buy a new car and beat it to death, it will run great for a while, however, at some point the abuse catches up and it falls apart.  If I would have continued down the path I was on, chances are I would be in extremely poor physical and mental health today, and therefore leading a miserable life.  Fortunately, I chose the path of a healthy life, and my life has been truly fulfilling.  The bottom line; if you don’t have your health, you have nothing.  Health is more important than all the money in the world.  I am glad I found running and chose the healthy path!

Typing it Out Old School

It’s extremely refreshing when you unexpectedly stumble upon something that really makes your day.  Recently, my wife and I went on a spontanious “play day” date,  just heading out the door and hitting the road (on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui where we’re now blessed to live).  We ended up in Paia, a small and charming eclectic town, located on Hana Highway on Maui’s north shore.  Paia is lined with boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, coffee shops and some very interesting souls.  It’s also the last town just before the long and winding journey on the “Road to Hana.”

Smith-Corona Classic 12

Smith-Corona Classic 12

After a late breakfast at our favorite Paia staple, Charley’s, we strolled the street, jumping in-and-out of cool little boutiques.  As we hit our 4th store, it became apparent to me that the majority of these boutiques cater mostly to women, with maybe a token piece of men’s clothing stuffed on a rack in the corner.  Sure, there are a couple of surf-related shops that specialize in t-shirts, but those are mostly chain stores found all over the islands, and certainly not unique to Paia.

The Post-Marathon Blues

The fall marathon season is about to wrap up.  The weekend cluster of marathons will soon diminish and the cold days of winter will follow.  Sure, there are a few marathons to choose from, but those are usually for more hardcore marathoners.  It ‘s not that far off until the winter and spring cluster of  marathons consisting of Disney, L.A. and the super bowl of marathons – Boston, plus many more.

Post Marathon Blues

Post Marathon Blues

This past weekend I was checking Facebook, and it seemed that everyone on the planet did a marathon.  Post after post after post by my friends relaying that they completed their race, celebrating a PR, or relaying their pure satisfaction at their accomplishment, and even some bemoaning their disappointment with their result.  I could hardly keep up with all the posts and that got me thinking; after all those months of training, now what for them?  Of course, my mind immediately triggered “Post-Marathon (or Half-Marathon) Blues.”  I’ve been there and know the feeling all too well.