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Maui Oceanfront Marathon – Good Times in Paradise!

There’s something wonderful about marathons, especially when you have friends from out of town joining in the 26.2 mile quest. Then, throw in some energetic, cheering family and friends following you along the way, and add in the beauty of Maui, and you set yourself up for a great day!

This is the second time I’ve run the Maui Oceanfront Marathon and, although a tough race, it’s put on quite well.  If you register early, minimum cost is $80 (and if you’re a local, you get a 5% discount).  Most runners probably procrastinate like me, and end up paying $115-$120.  Les Wright is the race director, and he also puts on a marathon in Lake Tahoe.  Les must be quite entrenched in Maui since he seems to have quite a bit of community support.  I requested bib #91 in advance (this was my 91st marathon), which Les said he put aside for me, however, I ended up getting bib #6.  Les said I was bumped over some donor program that gives the top donors the low numbers. He said none of the volunteers would know about it and neither did I.  Maybe I bumped myself out of #91 since I had bib #6? I did donate a little.  Oh well (and thanks for listening to my complaint).

In”VINCE”ible – Sending Good Vibes a Fellow Runner’s Way!

Each day we wake up and never know what the day will bring.  It seems the older I get, the more it is drilled into me, almost daily, that you need to live each day as if is your last.  The saying, “life is short” is so true, although we all think we have forever.

There are people I look up to, who motivate and inspire me, and most of them are a secret only to me.  But today I am going to share one of them with you, and ask that you keep him in your thoughts and send good vibes his way.  He’s in the fight of his life and he is tough, very tough, and I have no doubt in my mind he will overcome and win.

Dave Longcope, Vice DiCroce,  Jim Lynch


Running has been in the fiber of my being for several years, 25 to be exact.  Now, however, when the new year comes around, I don’t even think of resolutions that pertain to running.  Now a days, running is more of an enjoyment than an annual competition with myself, and I like it that way.  I just want to keep running!

Running Resolutions

I no longer get wrapped up in extensive regimented training, but don’t get me wrong, I give every run, training run and race my all.  I still prepare for marathons by doing my long runs, speed and hill work.  However, I no longer get wrapped up in trying to set a personal best or to qualify for Boston.  I’m just happy that I’m still running, especially injury free.  I just want to keep running!

When I’m at the start line of a marathon, I know I will end up at the finish line… eventually.  I also know it won’t be my personal worst.  Believe me, I still have my fierce drive and laser mental focus, and I still get that exhilarating feeling every time I cross the marathon finish line.  I just want to keep running!