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A Thank You to Marathon and Race Volunteers!

I just ran my 90th marathon in Honolulu, Hawaii this past Sunday, which I will recap on my next blog, but first things first.  As I was reminiscing about the race while walking (hobbling) through the finishers’ area, and also thinking about it on my walk (crawl) back to the hotel, it hit me; marathon volunteers need a real loud shout out.

Marathon Volunteer

As runners, we simply pay our registration fee and, well, show up at the start line and run the marathon without any worry about the logistics along the way.  Our only job is to run the 26.2 miles, get through the ups and downs, joys and pains and mental roller coaster to cross the finish line and collect our finisher’s medal.  Along the way, everything is supplied to us.  It’s basically that simple–at least for us marathon runners.

The fact is, marathons just don’t magically happen.  It takes a good tireless race director and lots and lots and lots of volunteers–people that could be at home sleeping but instead chose to rise bright and early and give freely of their time to make our race better.  They show up and do whatever job they are assigned and happily perform their volunteer duty.

Running Shoe Confusion!

One thing I have never been, and that is an organized person.  Everything is usually a mess in my home, and my wife is always trying to nail me down to do some “clutter control.”  Besides my driving (getting lost and not wanting to use the GPS), clutter control is usually what we fight about most often.  I’m the type of person that mentally knows where everything is (or so I think), so why should I organize myself?  I’ve gotten through life just fine so far, and probably will until my memory goes completely haywire – and so what, I won’t remember anything anyway, so I won’t really care.

I’ve met some pretty organized runners.  They keep track of everything:  statistics, race results, training plans, the weather during each run, how many times they wash and wear their running shorts and so on.  Me, I just put my shorts on (yes, clean) and go – well, at least I hope I remember to put on my running shorts!  Fortunately for me, I mentally know which route I’m running that day, and sometimes even remember how to get back.  I always laughed at those organized runners.  Ha Ha Ha.  Until now.