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The Best Running Podcast – Runner Academy!


Runners are like a sponge when it comes to soaking in information on running. However, much of it is the same regurgitated stuff, just with a different twist; kind of like self-help books.  That said, we runners still welcome whatever running-related information we can get our hands on because, you never know, by incorporating that one magical tip or piece of information into our running routine, it could possibly take us to that next level!



Well, at last there’s a refreshing new source of running information with a twist of inspiration and motivation available.  It’s the podcast of Matt Johnson, founder and host of Runner Academy.  Matt is an everyday runner who has been running for 15 years, and who brings a wealth of  running information to the table.  He has a simple philosophy, “Commit, Train and Achieve” which, when I think about it, is really spot on.  In addition to being a committed runner, Matt also has a broadcasting background and has put together and hosts one of the best running podcasts available, chock-full of practical information for running newcomers and everyday runners (like me).

And So, Life Goes On!

Life Goes On...

Well, it’s about time that I start blogging again.  The last time I blogged was June 29th of this year, shortly after my running friend Michael Fontes lost his life after being hit by a car during our Saturday morning running group run.  That was a overwhelming and shocking tragedy and an extremely tough time for several of us runners.  Michael’s passing also happened during a major change in my life.

Back in April my wife Debbie and I made the decision to move from Denver to Kihei, Hawaii located on the beautiful island of Maui. Yes, quite a big move!  I headed to the island on July 13th and my wife would follow me a few short months later once my stepdaughter Lindsey and her brand spanking new husband Cullen exchanged their marital vows. The wedding was spectacular and of course Debbie and I are very proud.