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No Blog Post Today – It’s a Few Days for Us to Remember Michael Fontes!

A Fellow Runner, Marathoner and Boston Qualifier - You will be Missed!

In honor of our friend Michael Fontes and because our running group in Denver, Runners Edge of the Rockies is having a come all Memorial Celebration of Mikes Life Run in his honor and his memorial service on Monday, I will post no blog today. Click Here to read about my friendship with Mike.

Please keep Mike a fellow runner, marathoner and Boston Qualifier in your thoughts this weekend (and anyone you lost) and please be safe while out there getting your miles in.

– Jim



In Memoriam – A Fellow Runner – A Fellow Marathoner

In Memoriam - Mike Fontes


Life throws you curve balls at times.  It leaves you with no explanation, shocked and stunned.  Powerless to fix the situation and even more powerless to wrap your head around it.  Could-a, would-a and should-a goes through your head.  What if this, what if that would have changed the outcome.  You want to go back in the past to correct the future, but you know you can’t.  It plays over and over in your head.  Just two seconds from anything or anybody would have changed the outcome.  But it didn’t and it can’t be changed, no matter how hard you wish, hope and pray.  We remember the conversation and laughter, some even just minutes before, and then the silence.  We never even had a chance to say goodbye.  This is not supposed to happen.

Ahhh, The Smell and Feel of Brand New Running Kicks!

Brand New Running Kicks!


As I pull into the parking lot and run (not literally) into my local running store, Runners Roost in Denver, it takes me about two minutes to buy my new pair of running shoes (also know as “kicks” to some).   I’ve been buying them so long, I no longer need to even try them on.  My current shoe of choice is the Newton Motus.  The new version is blue with yellow and orange trim.  I just ask for the shoe in my size, and I am in-and-out faster than an In-N-Out Burger drive-thru (my burger of choice when I am in an area that has one).

I really have no idea how many pairs of running shoes I’ve gone through in my life, but the experience is always the same.  When I open the box of my brand new shoes…. ahhhh “smell that smell” – the aroma of brand new running shoes seeps out of the box!  Call me crazy, but to me that  smell is as thrilling as the smell of a new car, only much cheaper!

Why Do You Run?

Why Do You Run?


I was thinking about this question during a run this week.  Why do I run?  I’ve been running seriously for 23 years, but why?  It became clear to me recently, and I came to the conclusion that the reason has actually changed a few times throughout the years.  It’s really for personal reasons why each person dedicates themselves to running.  So why do you run?

When I first started running, it was because my brother ran and was well known in our city for his accomplishments.  I thought that was cool, since running was not really that popular at the time.  Though not serious way back then, I started to play around with the running thing and didn’t like it that much.  It was tough work, not fun, and food and beer were more attractive.  I guess I was a fair-weather runner.