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I Refuse to Turn My Run Into a Math Problem!

I’m looking at my marathon training plan, and I need to do 12 miles today.  Ok… let’s see – I need to stay perfectly on track each .10 of a mile so my split times are spot on.  Gosh, one second ahead or behind could be devastating and will throw my marathon training completely off track.  Alright, on one arm is my Garmin 305 and 405, and on the other is my Polar Heat Rate Monitor  so I can stay in the BPM zone based on my age.  Oh, and my regular Timex Ironman watch is strapped to my leg so I can see what time it is in New York (even though I live Denver).

Of course, I have my Runners World pace band laminated and super-glued to my wrist.  And not to be forgotten, my music on my iPod is synced exactly with each kilometer to be sure I stay on pace.  I’m also thinking about taking my iPhone 4s so I can have SIRI with me so I can ask her how I’m doing on my run (and to whisper motivational running quotes in my ear of course).

A Loan for a Car and a Marathon Entry!


Marathon Entry Fees are Skyrocketing


What is up with Marathon entry fees?  Get to your bank right away and take out a loan!  Don’t we go through enough pain training?  I ran my first marathon, Los Angeles, in 1989, and it was about $35 to enter.  In 1991, I ran my first NYC Marathon and though still a lottery to get in, the entry fee was around $45.  I’ve run a marathon in all 50 states (finished in October of 2006) and at that time it was extremely rare to exceed $100 entry fee for any marathon, with the exception of Boston.  Now, it’s almost impossible to find the entry fee under $100 for any large marathon.

By way of background, I’m a business person and certainly understand the costs incurred to put on a marathon.  I’m also thankful for those that take on that challenging task because without them, there would be no marathons to run. Being a runner, when I choose a marathon and  pay my entry fee, I expect to show up to a well-organized, well-supplied, and hassle-free race. We already have enough to worry about as we anticipate and ultimately plow through our 26.2 miles.  Fortunately, out of my 87 marathons, I can only remember maybe two or three that had any sort of issue.  That’s a pretty good track record.

A Brother’s Inspiration – Running a 5K


My Brother Ron - A True Inspiration


Ok, my  family’s health is like a ticking time bomb.  My four brothers are older than me, and two of them have had some pretty serious heart issues.  Cholesterol levels in my family, pre-statins, would be a PBA title winning bowling score:  over 280.

I can’t imagine what it’s like to have health issues since I’ve been very fortunate throughout my life to enjoy great health.  I certainly attribute it to running, and if it were not for my brother, Bud, I probably would be a fat, sick man today.  He was a great runner and a tremendous inspiration in my life.  He lit the fire underneath me not only to become a runner, but to strive hard and dream big in my life.  But this is not about my brother Bud.

Last year, my brother, Ron, almost bit the dust.  Since his first heart attack at the ripe old age of 33 (yes, thirty-three!), his health record is as long as a criminal’s rap sheet:  6 heart attacks, 3 strokes, 2 stents, quadruple bypass, pacemaker/ defibrillator, oh yea, and bladder cancer.

Running Safe – Tribute to a Fallen Runner – Sherry Arnold

Every so often you hear about a runner that heads out for their run and never returns.  In most cases it’s a woman, and in most cases it’s an abduction and murder.  It’s upsetting, senseless and it hurts those of us who run.  We live in a free country where we’re able to put on our running shoes and run for miles and miles and should be able to run safe.  But it’s stories like this that brings reality into play.

Sherry Arnold, a teacher from Sidney, Montana, went out for her run on January 7, 2012, and never returned.  Sherry and her husband, Gary, had five children from previous marriages, two of which were still at home.  It appears Sherry was abducted and presumed murdered, for which two men are being held.  Stories like this really piss me off.  These animals are cowards.

Runners Edge of the Rockies Members "Remember"

The news of Sherry’s disappearance made national news, and there has since been an outpouring of support from not only Sidney, Montana, but across the entire country.  And though Sherry is gone, this outpouring has again placed awareness on the importance of running safety.