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Twitter Headache!

I am new to social media and in addition to writing a book, I’m trying to learn how all the SM works.  I have a headache.

A while back, I entered the world of Twitter. I had a background page designed and started to “Tweet.”  This week I downloaded Hootsuite and TweetDeck and now I have a bigger headache — actually a massive migraine!   My Twitter followers are growing but how in the word do you keep up with it?  Some people have thousands of followers! I also want thousands of followers but am also interested in what other people are saying. Information overload.  Simplification needed!  Help wanted!

So here is what I think I have found out so far about Twitter:

  • Lists are important so I started some lists.
  • Hootsuite seems to be the best dashboard — but where can you find out a running tab of “following”, “followers” and “tweets” in this application?   Where can you learn Hootsuite and tips and tricks?

“Winning” is one Positive Message from Charlie Sheen!

If you had a sifter and could pour all the garbage that Charlie Sheen has spewed over the past couple of weeks there is actually a positive message — that would be “Winning”!

I must admit that I have been entertained with his interviews and webcasts — and yes I am one of the 2,200,000 following him on Twitter.  I’ve been watching him carefully and in my opinion he is NOT crazy and is NOT imploding, he is super smart, possibly bordering on genius and I think he does have some sort of plan of what he is doing.  Yes, he is out there and I can certainly do without the “Tiger Blood”, “Adonis DNA”, “Warlocks”,  “Trolls”  and chain smoking — but I really like his positive message  of “Winning! As a marathon runner, I will never actually win a race but I think of myself as “Winning” whenever I finish a marathon — my body also thinks I am “Winning.” How can you not have a “Winning” attitude when you cross the finish line after a 26.2 mile run?