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Fame and Wikipedia

I’m not sure who creates and updates things on Wikipedia but it amazes me.

Ted Williams, the homeless guy with the “Golden Voice” has quite a Wikipedia page.  He has been famous for three weeks.  His page has quite a bit of history on him, his family history and his instant rise to fame, including the fact he checked out of rehab after only 12 days.  I’m quite sure more will be added to his page in the next month or so.

Someday I will have a Wiki Page

So I was thinking, in order to know you have really made it, you need to be recognized on Wikipedia. I checked my name and at this point, no Wikipedia page for me.  Writing my book, “One Foot in Front of the Other” may be my big chance when it is published this year, though I think you may need to have some national exposure and become somewhat famous before Wikipedia recognizes you as worthy.

Holiday Lights and Decorations – Take Em’ Down!

Unless I am missing something, I consider the holiday season officially ended on January 2nd, period.  After that date I am then fully focused on the new year and as far as I am concerned the holiday season is a distant memory.

The other night, January 13th to be exact, I was driving towards downtown Denver.  Everywhere I looked were holiday lights and decorations.  Every time I stopped at a traffic light or stop sign, I would look down the street and would see a handful of homes that still had their holiday lights brightly shining as if it were Christmas Eve.  Why does this bother me?  I’m not sure but either people are to lazy to take them down or they cannot let go of the holiday season.  After being bombarded with holiday ads in the newspaper and on television, dealing with out-of-control drivers trying to get to the overcrowded shopping centers and spending a boatload of money,  I am done with it.


It happens all too often.  A life is changed in an instant.  One moment, healthy and strong —  moving and running like lightning and then in a second,  paralyzed from the neck down.  It even hit close to home a few years ago when the son of a colleague in the cable business experienced this tragedy when his son was paralyzed in a freak accident.  It could happen to any one of us at any time.

I saw this story on Rutgers’ Eric LeGrand last week on ESPN SportsCenter.  Last October, Eric, a defensive lineman hit Army kick returner Malcom Brown at the 25 yard line.  He lay motionless and was eventually carted off the field.  At the time he was diagnosed with a complete spinal cord injury.  Recently, he has regained sensation throughout his entire body and now the diagnosis has been changed to incomplete.  This means he may have a chance to recover.  Very rare and many with this type of injury never will.  Remember Christopher Reeve?

Believe! (Watch Video Here)

Locker Room at the Fitness Center

Well Happy New Year!

This is the time of the year when everyone implements their short lived new year resolutions.  Probably the resolution that gets the most exposure is losing weight and getting into shape. Turn on the TV and count how many weight loss commercials are played.  Of course, this is a windfall for the local fitness centers. New memberships are sold to enthusiastic people who want to change their lives. I would think about 1% really stick with it and the others will still pay the fitness center monthly fee long after they go back to their bag of potato chips.  I’d love to get in on that reoccurring revenue opportunity!

So this now brings up another issue.  For about a month, my 24 Hour Fitness center is jammed packed with newbies aimlessly wandering around trying to figure out how to work all those machines.  I imagine to someone who has not been to a fitness center in 20 years it could be quite intimidating — and the physical abuse those machines will give them — they have no idea!  When they sign the contract I’m sure there is no warning that when they start this new fitness thing they will experience a tremendous amount of pain and soreness .  Just like any exercise, if they can pass that threshold, there is a good chance they will succeed.