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The Power of Positive Thinking – I won the IPad

Alright, back when I was 14, I filled in for my friends paper route — busted my butt and made $115.  All I could think about was this raffle for a new Yamaha Mini-Bike.  I wanted this mini-bike more than anything. I dreamed about it, visualized it and bought 115 raffle tickets at $1 each.  The day came, the drawing took place and my name was called.  I won a brand spanking new Yamaha Mini-Bike!  An amazing moment in my young life.

Now 39 years later, I wanted an Ipad.  An incentive contest that was held through my home based business company was giving one away.  The rules, sign up an new distributor in a 48 hour period and be entered to win.  Well, I did sign up a new distributor, our name was entered and on the call on Monday night we were announced as the winner out of 100.  Earlier that day, I posted the previous blog putting it out there that I would win.

I Am Going to Win an IPad Tonight!

Happy Monday!

This holiday, it seems that everyone got an IPad except for me.  My mother-in-law who is 78 got one and my step-son’s girlfriend got one. She even was playing on it all Christmas day knowing darn well that I was steaming inside.  And then to stab the knife in further, the company my friend Chris works for gave everyone a free IPad for Christmas.  He does not need it so he gave it to his wife!  Are you kidding me!!!

Yes, I have an Iphone 4 and a Mac Book Pro, but I do not have an Ipad.  Every-time I turn on the television, I see an ad for the Ipad.  Last night on 60 Minutes, there was an ad that said; now you can watch all the 60 Minutes segments on your Ipad.  Well, not me because I do not have an Ipad.

Could be Jim's New Ipad!

All is not lost though, I got a shower foot cleaner & massager from my mother-in-law. How many can say they got one of those?  Yea, I thought so.  So, tonight at 7:00 pm MST all that can and will change.  I am entered to win and Ipad through a contest.

What Non-Runners Really Think of a Marathon Runner

Alright, I have run 82 marathons and the only people that understand me are other runners.  My wife Debbie thinks I am crazy and cannot figure out why anyone would run in the first place.  She goes to some of my marathons and just shakes her head.

Having the opportunity to speak with other runners over the years, this seems to be common.  Unless you are a runner and have run a marathon, you will never understand.  We are a different breed.  We love accomplishment and have learned to love pain.  We like to tell each other what races we are going to do next, either to brag or in hope that they will run them also.  We love to eat and have earned every calorie that we put into our body.

As many marathons as I have done, there are others that have done so many more–some in the hundreds and some every weekend.  That, in my opinion, is crazy.  But what is crazy to some is normal to others. Guess it is all relevant.

Grocery Store Holiday Music

I really like going to the grocery store during the holiday season. First it’s so crowded that you play “dodge the unaware shopper” with your cart. Second, you can catch up on all the celebrity gossip from the magazines while waiting a half-hour in the check-out line. But the best is that you get to hear so much holiday music sung by dead people. Some of these legends have been dead for years but are still singing their hearts out each and every holiday season in grocery stores across america!