Life is a continual transition.

At some point, my hard drive became full. Reflecting on my life, there were many transitions that determined my choices and where I am today. Somewhere through one of these transitions, running became a big part of my life, defining who I am today.

The loss of both parents at a young age gave me a license to move through life alone. It was my responsibility to find my own way. Create my own opportunities. Experience my own successes and learn from my failures. I was fiercely independent and somewhat an introvert. Though I was having a successful life, something was always missing. I was always guarded, difficult to open up and get that close to anyone. One day, through a chain of events, it all crashed in and life almost ended.

I decided right then and there that things would change.

Running was a big part of that transition and has been a major factor to achieving a now happy, healthy life. I’ve completed 100 marathons that includes one in all 50 states. For many, running has been therapeutic, challenging and life changing. It was the transition I needed. And, I believe, it has served many others in the same way.

Now, I am working on my book, One Foot in Front of the Other which will be available in 2018. It’s a reflective book, including stories of my life, my transitions, even how running saved my life. One Foot in Front of the Other will not be a technical book, there are already many of those available.

My dream is that One Foot in Front of the Other will provide you inspiration, motivation, humor and allow you to reflect on your own life, so you too can be your own champion!

In the meantime, feel free to be a part of my website and follow my blog, subscribe to my newsletter and follow the progress of One Foot in Front of the Other. Yeah, there might even be a few running tips.

All My Best,